Interesting photos of interesting things

I love finding good street art when I’m visiting a new place.  And of course, I photograph it.  So it’s quite easy for me to end up with lots of pictures of street art which, for someone who likes street art, might be interesting.  But they’re not necessarily interesting photos – if you see what I mean.  It can be a challenge to take interesting photos when the subject itself is interesting – to resist the temptation just to take a photo of the thing and have done with it. How can I make the actual photo interesting? … So as I was walking around Palma in Mallorca recently, finding fun street art, I tried to take photos of it which were more than just recording the piece of art.  I decided I’d try to get some context of the art – its surroundings, or the people nearby.  Here are a few attempts – do they work?!

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