Light and dark - the good and the bad

I’ve just had a nice few days away in sunny Palma, Mallorca.  The low 20s temperature in November was a nice contrast to the chillier UK weather.  A couple of the days had very bright sun - lovely holiday weather, but not always a photographer’s choice.  Strong sun can produce harsh shadows and strong contrast which can be difficult to deal with - it’s not always ideal photography light.  But it can be put to good advantage, using the shadows to create more dramatic images, using reflected sun (or even shooting into the sun - though be very careful how you do this) to produce nice star patterns (perhaps shooting at high f number, e.g. f22 - small apertures - to produce this effect).  Below are a few images I took using these sort of effects - they often work well in greyscale to show the contrast up to best effect.

Using Format